Monday, 30 May 2011

Planking is an artform

Hi, well my first round of chemotherapy is over..feeling great today! Had a few yuck days last week. I was prepared for nausea but it was manageable. But you can't do anything but give in to fatigue. So while I have been 'planking' in my bed, mum has been Awesome (with a capital a) cooking, cleaning and running around after the kids. The Picc line is not really a bother except I have to be careful with it and wrap my arm in cling film to have a shower. My hair is still falling out but in strands rather than clumps. I think after the next chemotherapy it will be time for a buzz cut, but until then I am shedding more than the dog!

My friend Miss N has got together a band of likely lasses to organize a quiz night to help cover the cost of the sir sphere treatment. Thank you so much to each and everyone who has offered to help, it has been quite overwhelming and I will confess I shed a tear when I heard, just to think that they would do this. It will certainly help take off the pressure, god knows my poor family has had enough of that - it's luck changing time folks! If anyone else would like to help with the quiz night let me know, perhaps you could donate a prize? I suggested a bald theme but for some reason no one else was keen, lol!! I'm back for more chemotherapy on thurs, so keep an eye out for me planking- you just never know where I might turn up!!!

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