Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cautiously counting chooks...

We have just arrived home from a lovely dinner with three other couples. Each person at tonights table holds a special place in our hearts. The first couple introduced me to my husband, the others joined us overseas for part of our honeymoon. And tonight they proudly presented us with the proceeds of the quiz night they organised to help us out. With the help of their families and friends they ran a fantastic evening and even though our table didnt win (insert desperate sobs), a great night was had by all. So thankyou Ben, Anita, Andrea, Simon, Nicole, Nigel and everyone who helped on the night, and to everyone who attended or donated items for the auction. There are just too many people to thank! We are truly grateful.

This weekend I didnt have cancer, I had cheescake instead! Izzy had a sleepover so i decided to lose myself in naughty food. Dont tell my naturopath but it was gooooood! Now its back to the organic diet. I just really needed a treat! Theres only so much carrot and beetroot juice a girl can take. Only four more chemo treatments to go, i cant wait for it to be over. The side effects are increasing. Neuropathy is effecting my mouth, fingers and nose. The nausea and tiredness are taking longer to wear off and i had my first mouth ulcer. On a brighter note I havent had any more (touch wood) and the nose bleeds have stopped. In all I think Im handling it ok. Dr Big Onc seems 'cautiously positive' given my good result from the chemo so far, but reminded me not to count my proverbial chooks. I reminded him that Im aiming for a liver resection and that magic final note on my file that reads 'NED' - nil evidence of disease. He smiled. Cautiously of course.

Have a good one, wherever you are!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I had another catscan today, then straight up to oncology and another chemo sesion. Am back on the chemo pump til Thursday. I saw Big Chief Onc (BCO - nicknames amuse my small mind) instead of Dr Dimwit, what a blessed relief. Its never good to think you know more than your specialist. Im changing hospitals next week where I hope my faith in the medical profession will be restored. If I have to have my insides rearranged again I think Id like to choose who does it this time. Anyway, no more whingeing cos its a good day. No, its most excellent day!

My largest tumour in the liver has gone from 3.9 to 2.6cms. Thats a reduction of 40%, rounded up by 1% cos im an optimist! (insert happy dance). It might not be the miracle im looking for..yet, but i am grateful for every small win. BCO even smiled at me for the first time and he is a massive pessimist. He said there is a small chance i might be able to have a resection, so its still game on! Got two more months of full on chemo, then a hysterectomy, then they will probably put me on maintenance chemo until the tumours start growing again. Then they will hit them with the sir spheres.

So the plan is kinda on track, so keep everything crossed for me that the chemo works amazingly over the next eight weeks!!! Hopefully i will be off chemo in Nov/Dec so we can pack up the camper trailer and head north for a month..or east, or south, or west....!