Sunday, 23 June 2013

Uh oh

So Ive had my scan and the results are...

Colon, peritoneum and liver are clear

BUT (and its a big but)

Its now in my lungs :-(. The biggest tumour is 0.9 cm but it shows signs of necrosis in the middle (die bastard die).  There are tumours in every section of both lungs, as small as 1mm.  So I need to get rid of these shitty little things so I can go on to live a splendiferous life.  We are about to go camping for 7 glorious weeks, aaaah the freedom!  Fischer family on tour! Just like the partidge family only less musical - but just as groovy lol.

I expect to come back to a big six month round of FOLFIRI chemo.  Will have another port put in, the tube straight into the heart so the chemo gets diluted as soon as it enters the body.  Its not as bad as it sounds going in, its not fun but is quite painless.  So back to full days of chemo then 48 hours on a portable chemo pump at home, plus all the hassles of keeping it dry and having it dressed fortnightly at the hospital.  If Im really lucky ( no, thats not sarcasm) they will stick a big needle into my chest and cook the tumours from inside.  So this better be a bloody good holiday!!  Not happy about it, but its what I gotta do.

I had a coaching call with a guy from the USA who talked me through how he beat cancer.  To my surprise it didnt involve either Haighs Chocolate OR iced coffee! More juicing, juicing and overdose on good nutrients.  So the juicer will be coming away with us.  And Dont fall off your chair but Ive been going to the gym.  Yes, ME!

We are going to get a cheap metal detector and try our luck on the goldfields and the beaches.  The kids will love it, especially if its too cold to swim.  Hope to spend some time at Airlie Beach where its 23 degrees instead of our 13.  Come join us!

Note to would be burglars: dont worry about the monitored alarm, its the viscious housesitters I would be concerned about!