Friday, 25 November 2011

Good news!!

I went to see Dr Liver on Wednesday.  I wasnt nervous about it, in fact I barely gave it a second thought as I was confident he wouldnt be able to operate.  Dr Liver studied my films and called me over to show me the tumours.  'This one could be a cyst' he said... followed by 'I dont see any reason why I can't resect it'.  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!  I was seriously shocked but in a good way this time!  He said he wont know until he opens me up whether he can resect it all.  He might have to leave one tumour behind but they can do radio frequency ablation while they are fiddling about in there. And the suspicious ovary can come out as well.  Might just book some liposuction while Im there, may as well get the works!  After the surgery I will need more chemo to mop up any stray cells. 

I have to have an MRI next week, then a follow up appointment with Dr Liver the week after - so am keeping everything crossed that nothing changes between now and then.  I hate to be pessimistic, but I still dont believe it is going to happen.  I wonder if it will be before Christmas?  Better get my chrissie shopping done.  It will be a big surgery, but it will drastically improve my chances  so bring it on!  :-)

And in a final whinge about Super SAs income protection insurance, after paying me once in nine months they have finally managed to start regular payments - quite possibly the worst service ever!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

waiting, waiting, more waiting....

Howdy!  Heres my results update.  The tumours have continued to shrink, but had nowhere near the results I achieved in the first three months as was expected.  The biggest tumour in my liver has gone from 4.3 to 2.6 and now 2.1cm.  The smallest one is now 1.1cm and the other two are just over 2cm.  So thats around a  50% reduction after six months of chemo.  So close, but still off target -  I need that smallest one to melt away completely to leave a third of my liver cancer free so they can chuck the other two thirds away.  

Dr Lady Bits is actually Dr Nice Guy (if we could only transplant his personality into Dr Handsome with his lovely accent - the world needs that master race of Drs hehe).   Dr Nice isnt sure Ive even got a tumour in my ovary because the 'mass' has shrunk so much - that was a shock!  They cant biopsy it to find out because if it is a cancer as it would have the effect of spreading cancer seeds throughout my abdomen.  He doesnt want to take it out just now because of the risk of complications from my earlier surgery.  He is going to talk to Dr Head Onc to decide on a course of action.  My response was that Im still aiming for a liver resection no matter how unlikely they consider the possibility, so they can just take the whole lot out in one go.  So now Im waiting here - feeling great thanks to no chemo, but on no treatment and with no plan.  I hate having no plan! 

In the meantime Ive have had a fabulous week, feeling great and caught up with heaps of friends during the week.  Really enjoyed seeing everyone.  Im still keeping up with my diet despite a few recent lapses and have become addicted to my yoga classes.  My legs are still aching from last Fridays session.  Warrior 2 - I hate you!   Anyhoo, must sign off - Izzy is desperate to show me her stamp collection and Tom wants to tell me 'something', which is code for 'I need attention'!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Clogging and Blogging!

Hiya, here's another quick update on whats happening with me and my cancer battle... I should really say OUR cancer battle as it effects the whole family. 

Yaay, Ive survived 6 months of chemotherapy! Insert flagrant happy dancing.  I dont mean that sarcastically, cos the chinese lady next to me at chemo had liver complications from the drugs and died.  So I really mean yaay and woohoo, so glad to be finished.  Dont think my body could have handled much more so it was a good time to finish.  Not tied to the hospital for a while and feeling great (calling all social invitations!) and no more picc line for summer.  I can have a bath without looking like Im trying to flag down a lifesaver!  Thanks Mum for looking after us all.  We miss you, but I bet you dont miss the housework. 

I have another scan next week, then see 'Dr Womens Bits' and he will book me in to have my ovary removed - or a full hysterectomy, wont know until he goes in.  The surgery should be in 2-3 weeks.   Im not fussed as I dont need those bits any more.  And after the last surgery, this one should be a walk in the park (touch wood, I dont want to jinx myself!).

I am going to change Dr Head Oncs name to Dr Doom - he is not very positive.  Great hair, but that doesnt make up for the stuff that comes out his mouth! He has given me a use by date which I choose to ignore and not to share - I dont want y'all doing a count down and ringing me up to see if Im still clogging around that time!!  He said he's in two minds about whether to take me off all medication and just see how I go (duh, the tumours will grow again) which sent me for a six.  It will depend on my catscan and pathology results - if they can operate on my liver he will keep me on meds but considers this to be unlikely.  When I told my naturopath, she said his words were unnecessary and cruel - and I agree.  I will try and use them to inspire me to prove him wrong.   If I cant be cured then I can be treated as having a long term chronic disease and I would be happy with that. 

If he decides to take me off them I will find another Dr, as I dont consider that an option  In the meantime Ive contacted St Vincents Hospital in Melbourne to see if Im eligible for the same trial that Jim Stynes is on.  Its a drug that boosts the immune system which is a new way of treating cancer.  Instead of the chemo approach where they aim to knock out the cancer cells, this treatment boosts the Tcells and lymphocytes to ramp up the bodies own immune system so they can take out the little buggers.  Its the approach Im taking with the naturopath, trying to support my immune system.  Will be interesting to see what they say. 

So thats it for now.  In the meantime life goes on - lots of birthday parties this month, Andrew is growing a mo for Movember, the weather is warming up and the kids are growing like weeds.  Enjoy the nice weather! Jen