Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hi my lovelies,

You might remember I didnt get my cancer marker results before Christmas as I didnt want to spoil the day, well.......

Today I found out that the mystery pain in my side is just scar tissue and in January my markers were 3.9.  Was that a typo I hear you say? (or not).  Hell no!!  Wow, thats the lowest yet! Dear readers you may recall that under 3 is considered normal.  We all produce cancer cells but the immune system mops them up.

And then....

Wait or it.........

My markers today (valentines day) were 3.8 !!!!!!!! 

Of course Dr Doom pointed out they can jump up at any time but today Im celebrating a good result.  Its one foot in front of the other kinda stuff.  
So yippee!!!

Happy Valentines Day !!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Curses and damn you Farmers Union

Not a lot to update, my cancer markers are still stable ( touch wood ) and Ive been so busy I really wonder how I ever went to work!  It doesnt help that I sleep in. I have set four alarms and slept through every one of them so I officially give up on trying to get up before 10.30.  This week I shocked myself and woke up at 2.30, just in time to pick the kids up from school! 

Im starting to go to the gym for cancer patients in a couple of weeks, that should be interesting.  At least they understand the limitations as my feet can be quite a nuisance.  Sometimes they bleed but depending on where its coming from, I might not feel it.  Ive been known to leave a blood trail around the house which really annoys me because we have white tiles and I hate mopping! I mean really, who puts down white tiles??!  Must have been someone with an OCD mopping disorder!

After a major hiatus I am back on my anti cancer diet, which means no wheat, dairy, alcohol or sugar.   Also known as the no fun diet! I did it for a full 12 months but when I lost 20 kilos after the last surgery I went off it .  Of course I put back on 25kgs!!! Did you know garlic is a cancer fighting food? Tonight I had a raw salad with bean shoots, broccoli, zucchini, home grown organic tomato, a boiled egg for protein and a whole garlic clove in the dressing.  Believe me, my hubby is VERY aware of the garlic - no kisses for me!!  i have to get organised and plan my meals in advance.  So im outing myself as being back on the diet so I have some sense of accountability and hopefully some extra discipline. Im having major sugar cravings, waah I want an iced coffee!! No one, and i mean no one, is allowed to drink iced coffee in front of me as I may crash tackle you to the ground and rob you.  I was following a farmers union truck today and I thought damn you, you tempting truckload of sugary caffeine loaded goodness! Over and out my little bloggy friends lol