Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hi my lovelies,

You might remember I didnt get my cancer marker results before Christmas as I didnt want to spoil the day, well.......

Today I found out that the mystery pain in my side is just scar tissue and in January my markers were 3.9.  Was that a typo I hear you say? (or not).  Hell no!!  Wow, thats the lowest yet! Dear readers you may recall that under 3 is considered normal.  We all produce cancer cells but the immune system mops them up.

And then....

Wait or it.........

My markers today (valentines day) were 3.8 !!!!!!!! 

Of course Dr Doom pointed out they can jump up at any time but today Im celebrating a good result.  Its one foot in front of the other kinda stuff.  
So yippee!!!

Happy Valentines Day !!

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