Sunday, 24 August 2014

aug 2015

Its scanxiety time !
I am having a catscan tomorrow, cant have an MRI because Im full of staples!  The pain in the back of my shoulder and chest has improved, which is a good sign, but my breathing continues to be a problem.  I have no desire to slowly drown in my own lungs, funny about that!  Usually I take my scan results with me and in a very unsubtle manner, I rip them open in the car and end up having a good old howl.  I go to see Dr Doom a few days later and I ask him to put a positive spin on it.  He is yet to find me a cure based in the Whitsundays.  Clearly my current method isnt working so well for me, so this time Im not going to open it and wait for the appointment.  Who knows, maybe mixing it up a bit will help!  Have lost two of my chemo friends last month, it was still a shock which must sound strange.  On the good news front, my hair is back yaay!  I cant stop touching it, its so healthy!  And grey... But lucky for me I dont care about that so Im not going to dye it.  Hair is growing on my arms and legs again dammit!  Will have to get out the hedge trimmer before summer comes.  Depending on the tomorrows results I may change treatment.  I hope to stay on the one Im on as the next treatment is the last one I can have, it only buys some extra time.   I chucked a sickie at chemo last month, had an extra week off and it was awesome!!