Friday, 25 November 2011

Good news!!

I went to see Dr Liver on Wednesday.  I wasnt nervous about it, in fact I barely gave it a second thought as I was confident he wouldnt be able to operate.  Dr Liver studied my films and called me over to show me the tumours.  'This one could be a cyst' he said... followed by 'I dont see any reason why I can't resect it'.  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!  I was seriously shocked but in a good way this time!  He said he wont know until he opens me up whether he can resect it all.  He might have to leave one tumour behind but they can do radio frequency ablation while they are fiddling about in there. And the suspicious ovary can come out as well.  Might just book some liposuction while Im there, may as well get the works!  After the surgery I will need more chemo to mop up any stray cells. 

I have to have an MRI next week, then a follow up appointment with Dr Liver the week after - so am keeping everything crossed that nothing changes between now and then.  I hate to be pessimistic, but I still dont believe it is going to happen.  I wonder if it will be before Christmas?  Better get my chrissie shopping done.  It will be a big surgery, but it will drastically improve my chances  so bring it on!  :-)

And in a final whinge about Super SAs income protection insurance, after paying me once in nine months they have finally managed to start regular payments - quite possibly the worst service ever!

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