Saturday, 12 November 2011

waiting, waiting, more waiting....

Howdy!  Heres my results update.  The tumours have continued to shrink, but had nowhere near the results I achieved in the first three months as was expected.  The biggest tumour in my liver has gone from 4.3 to 2.6 and now 2.1cm.  The smallest one is now 1.1cm and the other two are just over 2cm.  So thats around a  50% reduction after six months of chemo.  So close, but still off target -  I need that smallest one to melt away completely to leave a third of my liver cancer free so they can chuck the other two thirds away.  

Dr Lady Bits is actually Dr Nice Guy (if we could only transplant his personality into Dr Handsome with his lovely accent - the world needs that master race of Drs hehe).   Dr Nice isnt sure Ive even got a tumour in my ovary because the 'mass' has shrunk so much - that was a shock!  They cant biopsy it to find out because if it is a cancer as it would have the effect of spreading cancer seeds throughout my abdomen.  He doesnt want to take it out just now because of the risk of complications from my earlier surgery.  He is going to talk to Dr Head Onc to decide on a course of action.  My response was that Im still aiming for a liver resection no matter how unlikely they consider the possibility, so they can just take the whole lot out in one go.  So now Im waiting here - feeling great thanks to no chemo, but on no treatment and with no plan.  I hate having no plan! 

In the meantime Ive have had a fabulous week, feeling great and caught up with heaps of friends during the week.  Really enjoyed seeing everyone.  Im still keeping up with my diet despite a few recent lapses and have become addicted to my yoga classes.  My legs are still aching from last Fridays session.  Warrior 2 - I hate you!   Anyhoo, must sign off - Izzy is desperate to show me her stamp collection and Tom wants to tell me 'something', which is code for 'I need attention'!!

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