Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Enjoying a good wallow....

Hi there!  Just a quick update.  My test results were 'inconclusive' so Ive spent all of this week having a range of further tests.  I must confess I was upset when the oncologist told me because the biopsy had been really unpleasant, and also I was hoping to get started on treatment.  She has also found something wrong with my ovary - all she can say is its 'something' and not 'nothing'. Please not another tumour.  I thought it quite reasonable to ask why they hadnt taken the damn thing out during my original surgery, but she didnt know.  So now Im waiting for a call up for another day surgery this week.   Its really not fair to have something else wrong, surely what I have should be enough.  There, thats enough wallowing!

On a brighter note, I had my colonoscopy on Monday (hello Dr Handsome again!) and it really wasnt a big deal. He removed two very small polyps so now the original site is cancer free!  Those are magic words. So now its back to keeping fingers and toes crossed for a good result from this next round of tests.   

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  1. gggggrrrrrr, That is really annoying Jen. I would feel like Slapping the Dr's.
    Surely they would have seen the "something" when they were first there. Hopefully you get answers soon and can get this "horror "show on the road and over and done with so you can get on with your regular life. mmm that might mean going back to work. :-)

    Yea to cancer free. Looking forward to hearing and reading more of those words.