Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Goodbye hair!

Boo hoo, my hair started falling out today......

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  1. My beautiful cousin...

    I have just sat here and read your blog, I have had tears but I have had a smile too. Wow you really are an inspiration.

    We may not see each other often but never the less you are my cousin who I care about you alot and I wish you didnt have to go through this.

    I think your blog is fantastic, very sad but so amazingly inspiring Jen. I feel somewhat numb knowing what you are going through and feeling so helpless and unable to do something to help you.

    Thankfully you have your family there to support you and help you through what I can only imagine being a tough and challenging time for you all, especially you.

    Dont ever give up and always keep that amazing positive attitude you have. I pray that this journey for you is some how easier than it has been so far. I can not believe what you have had to go through already and the amount of challenges you have had to face.

    I send you lots of hugs and kisses and loads of positve energy.

    ps: I think u r gonna look hot with no hair.. :)