Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ifs and Buts

Here's a quick update...Im recovering really well from the surgery, I dont feel sick in the slightest!  If they told me my scans had been mixed up with someone elses I would fully believe it, then sue their arses off!  I missed my best friends wedding in Brissy on the weekend, and now  Im really pissed off at this cancer and want it gone, gone, gone!   Im sticking to my strict diet, even over Easter which is quite amazing for me.   Had another test yesterday - not much fun but I wont go into detail.  My pulse and blood pressure dropped suddenly so yet again they tilted the table back and I ended up with my feet waving at the ceiling... not very ladylike! (I had to sleep all night like that in the hospital after surgery, I have become very familiar with the sight of my toes).  It passed very quickly, thank goodness.  I have another ultrasound tomorrow (Fri) and get the results on Monday so fingers crossed they find nothing.   That would mean I can progress through to the next stage of being assessed for the clinical trial. 

The next step is an angiogram to check if my hepatic artery leads off to other organs or just to my liver as it is supposed to.  They dont want the little 'magic beads' ending up in my lungs.  I hope I dont jinx myelf by mentioning that 90% of people have their artery leading to the right spot so odds are good.  If the results of the angiogram are ok, then my name gets sent to a computer in America that will randomly choose if Im in the trial or not.  Ive already told my Oncologist that if I make it through but get selected for the control group then I will withdraw from the trial and have the spheres anyway.  It costs nearly $20,000 as both sides of the liver need to be treated...  good onya Australian Government for not approving any new drugs this year! 

The kids are both doing really well.  We have told them I have the type of cancer that Kylie Minoge and Delta Goodrem have, so they dont freak out when I lose my hair.  They regularly check my scar to make sure it is healing, and I havent hidden it from them.  Izzy has called my cancer 'lumpatron' which is really funny.  (die Lumpatron, die!). While the kids are at school I have been having a big spring clean that is well overdue.  Mum is staying - she has been cooking some wonderful meals that we have frozen for later.  Right now her famous chicken curry is simmering on the stove and the whole house smells wonderful!  Will post again next week when I get my test results.

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