Wednesday, 4 July 2012

4 july 2012

Im feeling good on the xeloda and enjoying having the kids home for the holidays. Had chemo today, not good news. My cea (cancer markers) have gone up suddenly to 5.9. Anything under 3 is normal. Its a shame as ive been feeling really strong. doc says the likelihood is that it has started to form a tumour/s in the peritoneal area which means all over red rover. He said I can choose whether to see how it goes, or have a scan now to see what they can pick up and they might put me on the folfiri chemo regime. He's asking me this? Excuse me while I go and get a degree or two in oncology! Im still fighting so I said yes to the scan so I can start on folfiri straight away. Folfiri is the last treatment option for me, i never thought it would get to this. But theres still a chance the scan will show up nothing so please keep your little toes crossed for us. My family have been absolutely awesome, love them heaps. Friends too have jumped in to help. I know its not an easy thing to do, its hard to know what to say to someone in our situation...just know that we appreciate it more than you can know! In the meantime Im gearing up for the city to bay funrun on 16 sept. We are raising funds for the Lisa Fahey foundation - feels good to be helping someone else for a change! Look out for us, our team hats have chickens on them so we should be easy to spot. i'll be shuffling the 3 kms most likely with my chook hat on. Cluck!

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  1. Jen, Your friends all love you dearly and we would do anything we can to help. we are all going to be right beside you fighting with you. There is nothing more that I could wish for than to get this bloody horrible thing out of your body. Anyones really. xx