Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The marker watch begins!

Im back on chemo now, its a three weekly cycle. You might not know that everyone produces cancer cells but in healthy people the immune system polishes them off straight away. The cancer cells release a type of protein into the blood (cea) that can be measured. This is called a 'marker' test. A result of 3 or less is normal. Last time my result was 1.1 and this time its 1.3. So its all good so far! Dr Doom predicts that at some point my markers will start creeping up until my clogs pop off in a couple of years. He has only ever had one person who returned a nil evidence of disease result and was cured. So Im planning on being number two! Moral of the story is.. Dont get cancer in the first place, It really sucks! get a colonoscopy people!

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