Tuesday, 10 April 2012

April update

A quick update for anyone checking in to see how we are doing. Andrews Dad passed away so it has been a sad time. Easter was lovely as they delayed my chemo. My first day of the new chemo was yesterday and so far so good. Im on xeloda which is a tablet form of the IV chemo I was on before. i take it for two weeks, then get a week off. Every third week I go back in to the day oncology centre for an infusion of Avastin and have a blood test a couple of days before to make sure my body is handling it. They also check my cancer markers.

After the last surgery my markers went right down to 1.1 which is within normal ranges. For a minute there I was ecstatic, but he quickly explained that the cancer in my abdomen is still in cellular form - it hasnt had time to develop into tumours yet. There is a procedure called Hipec that could help, but Im not eligible. It involves pulling out your insides and washing them with chemo (sounds yuck.) Unfortunately my insides are all stuck together with scar tissue from the previous surgeries. He said there is still a very small chance the chemo could work, even though its typically a maintenance program. Im on a fairly strong dose. Only way to tell will be to keep watching those cancer marker results. I cant describe how nervewracking it is waiting for results that will tell you if you will live or die. But at the moment I feel good and will take it one day at a time until Im better! I told my Oncologist its their fault Im in this position because ive been pushing them for twelve months to take out that tumour, so now its his responsibility to fix it! Im not scared to speak my mind with him now, what have I got to lose!! :-)

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