Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another milestone

Hiya, well today is my last IV chemo so on Friday the picc line in my arm can come out. Yaay! I can have a bath without having to wave one arm in the air like Im waiting for a lifesaver to come rescue me from the tub! After this I go on xeloda which is still chemo but in a tablet form. I still have to have avastin fortnightly through the drip but it only takes half an hour, which is much better than the current six. Cant wait to be finished. Getting rescanned in the next couple of weeks,its completely nervewracking. Apart from the chemo I feel great! No pain or other symptoms. still cant believe I have this insidious disease but working hard to beat it. Get the hell outta my body! Its mine and you cant have it!

Dr Liver Guy said my chemo results have been amazing, but not enough for a resection. I go back for a review in December. He reckons the chemo works best in the first three months so I dont expect he will change his mind, but if he does it will be the best surprise. I still have sirspheres to fall back on, when the tumours start to grow instead of shrink thats when they will hit them. Bowel cancer is a bummer lol!

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