Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Liver resection - maybe!

Ahoy-hoy!  I went back and saw my original surgeon, aka Dr Handsome.  He is still dashingly handsome and that accent... well I cant say its to die for (lol, black humour!) but Im a sucker for the Irish and Scottish lilt.  So once I got over the visual aspect, he said its worth referring me back to Dr Liver Guy. He is the one who said he couldnt operate unless I had an AMAZING result from the chemo.  And I must have that operation to have any chance of a cure and/or longer term outlook.  And now Im being referred back to him!   (insert double back flips).  Dr Head Onc said not to get too excited as he seems to think he wont be able to operate, but its a step in the right direction.  Looks like the hysterectomy will be in early December.

I had a few slips in my diet this week, it started with one slice of birthday cake on my birthday...quite justified I thought.. but I seem to have extended the celebrations to include a vanilla slice and sugar coated nuts as well.  Ooops.  Will read my anti cancer diet books before bed tonight to get more motivated so I can maintain the strict diet from here on.  Plus my naturopath always knows.  I dont know how, but she has sugar radar. Its spooky.

And I must also thank Tania, Helen, Rachel and all the girls for the 'shop til ya drop' night.  We had a blast and the cool clothes were just an added bonus. Tania and Helen have been running a cancer fund raiser for the last ten years or so.  You guys rock!

Til next time, stay healthy and happy!

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