Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A quick update....

Wow, iron transfusions are great, everyone should have one!  And it was just in time for a visit from my friend Gnomes from Brissy.  We stayed up til a raging 1am!  Poor Gnomes, she had to suffer through a never ending dance recital but it was great to spend some time with her.  Oh the joys of being an honorary auntie.

Im now on to my fourth chemo cycle and the drugs seem to accumulate with each treatment.  Im coping with it all well, touch wood. Thankfully the iron transfusion has given me loads more energy, but the nausea and neuropathy are worsening and I wake with a blood nose every morning, from the Avastin I think.  Erbitux was approved on the PBS this week, yaaay!  So Im hoping to add that to my bag of tricks.

Ive never been a girly girl who is into hair and makeup.  But now that my hair is thinning Ive developed a sudden affection for it.  I think Im getting a bit obsessive about my hair falling out, its just such a wierd sensation.  It dawned on me the other day that Im half way through the treatments before I get re-scanned.    My mind is starting to shift from managing the chemo to what the actual result will be, and Im getting nervous.   In bed I listen to a self hypnosis CD for cancer patients that targets the sub-conscious with positive messages.  It stops me from having other thoughts.  It works so well that Ive never stayed awake long enough to hear the end!   Im determined to beat this, but what if its unbeatable?  I refuse to think its an option, but I still have my dark moments..I can't help but worry about every pang, twinge and pain - is it the cancer?  I will beat it.  For Izzy and Tom.  For my family.  Because Andrew buys ugly furniture and cant do a ponytail to save himself. 

Don't forget to check out for the online auction that starts on Fri 24 June.  The support from work at home mums has been amazing.  It really restores the faith and I thank each and every person who has contributed.  Massive thanks to Nicole for organising it, in between juggling three small children and the best kids market in Adelaide!  How does she do it!

Before I sign off, here's an Izzy quote.. 'Don't forget, be happy!'

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