Monday, 5 May 2014


Oops sorry that last post was a dud!

Ive just finished 7 months of the hard chemo.  I will be having a catscan tomorrow to see how things are progressing.  I am oficially crapping my dacks.  I cant go off chemo, Dr Doom gives me three months to live without it.  He thinks he will continue on with the erbitux (immunotherapy) but add irinotecan back into the mix (another chemo drug).  Ive had that before and I really hate it.  Two minutes into the drip and I start to feel sick.  Its cumulative, so not sure how long I will be on it.
But apart from that Im feeling pretty good.  No pain or breathlessness, just nausea and tiredness but nothing thats unmanageable.  Touch wood.  Hows that for weird!

Things have been flat out at home, and thats a good thing.  Tom is about to go on his first school camp for two nights (noooooo, my baby!) .  Belle and I did a jewellery making course.  We had so much fun that we have been selling it on facebook (look for our page, its called 'Mrs Bellamy' and we are donating the profits to cancer research.  We will be at the next Lollipop Markets so come say hi if you are there.  Be prepared for Belle to flog you a pair of earrings though lol.  We are also right into the vintage car club thing at the moment, which is heaps of fun!  I told Dr Doom this cancer thing is really interfering with my life.  He said 'what, the chemo?', as if he was expecting me to say I didnt want more treatment.  No I said, the cancer.  Im ready to be cured.

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