Tuesday, 28 January 2014

2014 New Year Update

Hi, and a belated happy new year!  

A quick post to update my friends on my progress.  

I had a catscan a few weeks ago.  It showed that the Folfiri chemo isnt working.  There is a new tumour in my liver that wasnt there 12 weeks ago, now its 6mm.  The tumours in my lungs have also continued to grow, the largest has grown by an extra half a cm.  not good news.

So now Im on Erbitux, which is a monoclonal antibody therapy, as well as the Folfiri.  It has brought me out in the most horrible rash on my face of all places.  Its like infected, blind boils.  Apparently this is a good thing because it shows the erbitux is effective.  Not everyone can take this drug, it depends on the Kras status of the tumours.  This is the last drug we can try.  Dr Doom says it will buy me time, but I need a miracle.

Im investigating oncothermia and whether thats an option for me.  It is usually performed in Germany but just a few months ago a Sydney hospital started offering it.  Anyhoo, thats about it for now.  Hoping to be able to post a more positive update next time!!! 


  1. Hi Jen
    I started following your blog a little while ago now...and I'm not even sure where I heard about it...quite possibly on Facebook from lollipop markets page I think???
    Anyway, I keep popping back every now and then to see how you are going and am saddened to read that things aren't going as well as hoped!
    Thanks for providing the amusing (at times) blog!
    Take care and enjoy this special time with your family!
    Kerri x

  2. Thanks Kerri for your kind words :)