Saturday, 5 October 2013

October 2013 its back

Hi, just realised I havent blogged in ages so heres what the last few months have been like for us.  Firstly, we had a great holiday in the camper trailer.  All the way up to Bowen, then back down the Birdsville track.  If theres a few photos in this paragraph then yay for me, Ive worked out how to do it!  If not, well you will have to use your imagination. 

Our trip started with a call out to the RAA just one street away when the caravan somehow blew the car electrics.  'Big Blue' (the big blue toyota) towed us perfectly the rest of the way despite being mistreated.  A car wash at Airlie Beach revealed a completely different coloured car.   Our poor 'outback' camper turned out not to be very outbacky at all.  The brake lines were smashed by rocks, one of the cupboard doors bounced off and the kitchen tap snapped. And of course everything filled with dust, but that was part of the adventure!  

Then had a visit from the lovely Gnomes, and a surprise birthday party for me... yep they got me good! 

Now we are back and the last scan was pretty crap.  I have 20+ tumours in my lungs and there is a 1cm tumour back in my liver.  Dr Doom is suprised that its not showing in my peritoneum although there is an enlarged lymph node there.  This goose if officially cooked according to Dr Doom but Ive proved him wrong.  I am too stubborn to give up, although I have had my moments.  Ironically the original source of my cancer, the colon, is completely clear.   I had my chest port put in on Tuesday, and then went straight to chemo on Wednesday which to be honest, was a bit too much all in one go.  This chemo is nasty, Ive been in bed for the whole three days and am wondering how I will handle six months of it!  Im back to carrying around the portable chemo pump for three days. It comes off in 2 hours, and counting down!  Cannot wait.  Thats one treatment down, 11 to go.  Once again thanking all my fab friends and family for their support.  By the way, this blog has had over 15,000 page views.  How the hell did that happen you crazy stalkers!! lol

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