Saturday, 4 May 2013

May update

Ahoy thar my lubblies in blog land!  

This month my cea markers have risen to 4.8.  Its never good to see them rise, but they are notoriously untrustworthy from all I have read so I choose not to be bothered by this.

What I am bothered about is the pet scan that Dr Doom has scheduled for July.  This is the scan where they inject a dye and I go in the big MRI machine.  All the while it bangs away like Homer Simpson is conducting maintenance on it at the same time.  The dye highlights any cancer cells.  Last time my peritoneum was 'pristine'...please let it be the same again.  So from now until then I am cncentrating on positive thoughts and trying not to panic.  Easier said than done when deep down Im terrified and screaming.

Anyhoo, to perk myself up I just made a cancer fighting smoothie  concoction with frozen banana and rasberries, rice milk, zucchini and fractionated fruit pectin (read about it here if it interests you and you can be bothered).

And yes, it really was yummy.  Its amazing what fresh vegies you can disguise with frozen bananas. This recipe is a great way to use up soft bananas and increase the amount of raw vegies in the diet.  

 Dare you to try it!

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