Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Catching a break!

Hiya, just a quick update for family & friends...

Yep, thats a big yippee!
I will only be yippeeing for a little while, Im already looking at another surgery in March and then back on to the dreaded chemo.  We are still playing the eternal waiting game to see if the 'indeterminants' in my ovary and liver are cysts or tumours, should have a better idea after my next catscan.  Please let them be cysts, Ive had about as much as I can take.  Since Ive been home Ive managed to get pleurisy, tonsilitis and Ive been taking it easy and keeping away from you germy lot while my immune system reboots.  Im feeling much better now and am looking forward to catching up with everyone soon,  After the next surgery I should be well set up with my own portable noughts a and crosses game set up on my tummy, ready to play at any time lol !!   #

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