Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Surgery Update

Hi everyone!  Its been nine days since my surgery  and Im now home.  By all accounts everything went well.  Dr Liver removed 6 tumours, not four - there were two hiding behind the bigger ones.  Good news is that he managed to take them all out!  Now the waiting continues for the pathology results to find out if the margins were clear, and if the 'indeterminants' were cysts or tumours.  Also waiting to see what the next stage of treatment will be - more chemo and another surgery to remove then ovary most likely.

Missing out on Christmas was a bit of a bugger, but didnt really bother me that much.  I had some very special visitors who really made my day!

Heres the bit where I have a whinge. Be nice to your liver this new years eve, because liver surgery is the most painful thing Ive ever experienced.  I gave birth without painkillers so I like to think I have a reasonable pain threshold.  It really was agony.  I had an epidural before the surgery for pain relief but that wore off by about 3pm the next day.  The morphine was slowing down my breathing to the point where the nurse was watching me sleep.  I was only taking in five shallow breaths per minute, so she would rouse me every couple of minutes to get me going again.  Then they would tell me I wasnt pressing the morphine button enough - it was all very confusing.  Im still on morphine at home, and not very mobile at the moment.  But Im getting a little bit better every day and thats the main thing! 

Thanks once again for all the good wishes, it really does mean a lot to our whole family.  There are a lot of people who I know will be happy to say goodbye to 2011, so bring on 2012 and a happy new year to everyone!

By the way, if you are silly enough to be following my blog then Im silly enough to show you my scar!  Its a beauty!  I think Dr Liver did a great job.

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